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  • Pole Streamers

    Digital Pole Streamer P-5.0mm




    The New Way to Advertisement on a Digital Video Pole Streamers 4K Built in Memory Wireless Connectivity 4G (Optional) Built in Media Player High Reliable Complete Unit Warranty Full Backup Support WHAT IS LED? An LED is Light Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor component that only lets current pass in one direction. If forward current is applied, the LED will emit light, dependent on the semiconductor material and doping i.e. the inclusion of “Foreign Atoms”. WHAT IS SMD? SMD is Surface Mounted Device. The LED is soldered directly onto the PCB. In contrast to assembly with “wired components”, SMD technology requires less space and improves the thermal connection. Efficiency advantage of SMD: Based on same power consumption, SMD LED produces the highest brightness among other types of LED packages such as COB, MCOB and High Power LED’s. SMD LED, its luminous principle is the current through the compound semiconductor, through a combination of electrons and holes, excess energy will be released as light to glowing effect.