Refurbished Projectors

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  • Casio-XJ-M240

    Casio HD Laser Lamp Free Projector



    Casio Signature XJ M245 HD 3D Laser Hybrid Projector with high resolution and lamp free Technology which gives you high Quality HD Laser Projection for Movies and Presentations 24/7 operation time

  • C-500

    Canon LV-8320



    Canon -8320 HD Wide Image 3000 Lumens LCD Technology with New lamp

    • High brightness in a small package, at 3000 Lumens
    • 3 panel Inorganic LCD technology for brilliant true color images
    • Exceptionally high contrast of 4000:1
    • WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution format Native 720p
    • Long lamp life, up to 6000 hours with intelligent power saving technology
    • Powerful audio system with a 7 watt built in speaker
    • High efficiency cooling system for maximum lamp life up to 6000 hours
    • Easy replaceable Hybrid filter
    • Light weight, less than 7 lbs
    • User-friendly remote control and on screen menus
    • Full complement of input connections including HDMI for viewing video from Bluray players
    • Auto keystone features and image reverse and inverting for ceiling mounting and rear projection
    • Models include built in RS232 or network control and projector monitoring capability
    • Instant power off and go feature
    • Automatic input signaling sensing
    • Hot Key image blanking
    • Double anti-theft features including password protected lock out
    • Digital zoom feature for highlighting any portion of the image
    • Built in edge blending technology for seamless panorama displays with multiple projectors
  • casio_xj-a145-500x500

    Casio XJA-135 Laser Hybrid Lamp free Ultra Slim



    Casio XJA-135 2,000 Lumens Ultra Slim P.C Free Presentations HDMI & USB

    • DLP Display Technology
    • 2,000 ANSI Lumens
    • Lamp free
    • Quick on and Quick Off
    • 20,000hrs light source life
    • Suitable 16:9, 16:10 & 4K Aspect Ratio
    • Contrast Ratio TBD
    • 24/7 Operation
    • Laser hybrid Light Source
  • Epson projector

    Epson EB-485WT Ultra Short Throw Projector


    Epson EB 485WT, 3500 Lumens Extreme Short Throw Projector with New lamp

    • LCD Display Technology
    • 3,500 ANSI Lumens, WXGA HD
    • Networking Capability
    • Extreme Short-Throw Projection
    • Flexibility with Ports
    • 8W Speakers
    • Space-Saving Design
    • Closed-Caption Option
    • Keystone Correction
    • Hdmi and Network Port RJ-45
    • HD Wide Image
  • multimedia-projector

    Epson EB-X9



    Epson EB-X9 2500 Lumens Brightness

    • LCD Display Technology
    • 2500 ANSI Lumens
    • 1024 x 768 Native Resolution
    • 4:3 Native Aspect Ratio
    • 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
    • 5000 hrs lamp life
  • casio_xj-a145-500x500

    Casio XJA-240 HD Laser hybrid Lamp free



    Casio XJA-240 Laser Hybrid Lamp free HD Projector 

    Best for HD Movies/Gaming and Presentation OR Advertisement at Outlet

    Key Features

    • Display Technology
    • Resolution
    • Image Brightness
      2500 ANSI Lumens Brightness works even a brighter rooms
    • Laser hybrid light Source
    • HD Wide Image
    • 24/7 Operation
    • Low Maintenance
    • Quick on and Off
  • Multimedia Projector

    Hitachi CPA-221N



    Hitachi CPA-221N 2200 Lumens XGA Ultra Short Throw with New lamp

    • PC-less presentation
    • Present content via LAN
    • Input source naming
    • Transition detector and security bar
    • Microphone input
    • Display via USB
    • Template function
    • IR remote frequency change
    • MyButton/MySource – doc camera
    • PIN lock/MyScreen/MyText
    • Serial number and MAC address label on side
    • XGA resolution (1024 x 768)
    • 2000:1 contrast ratio (using active iris)
    • HDMI (HDCP compliant)
    • 29 dB (EcoMode)
    • Less than 1 W in power saving standby mode


  • multimedia-projector

    Epson EB-X7



    Epson EB- X7 2200 Lumens XGA 5000hrs Lamp Life

    • Improved video clarity.
    • High contrast ratio of 2000:1 gives clear images with same brightness.
      Black looks black and white looks white.
    • Ultra-quiet design with improved heat dispersion.
    • User-selectable “Eco-Mode” to help you save valuable lamp life hours with only a 20% reduction in brightness.
    • Auto-source features automatically identifies the input as RGB or Video before projecting.
    • Full-Auto Adjust: automatically adjusts the phase, clock speed, and resolution of the RGB signal
    • Digital Keystone Correction (Vertical: +40/-40 degrees)
    • Digital Zoom, Freeze, Mute, Quick Color Adjustment
  • multimedia-projector

    Epson EB-1735W HD with USB Movie Player

    Epson EB 1735W 3000 Lumens HD with USB Movie Player

    • LCD Display Technology
    • 3000 ANSI Lumens
    • 1280 x 800 (720p) Native Resolution upto UHD
    • 4000 Hours Lamp Life (Typical)
    • 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • multimedia-projector

    Epson EH-TW410 HD Projector

    Epson EH-TW410 Lumens HD 2800 Lumens

    • Automatic start-up powers on the projector as soon as it is plugged into a power outlet.
    • Automatic focus instantly provides a sharp detailed image. You don’t need to make any adjustments, the projector automatically focuses for you.
    • AutoSense intuitively syncs the projector with most computer signals and features one touch image optimization.
    • Automatic vertical keystone correction technology instantly projects a square image even when the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen.
    • Instant shut-down enables projector to be turned on and off from a wall switch or power strip. Quick start-up and instant shut-down enables “the show” to start and end according to your schedule.
    • Advanced video processing with IP conversion and 3-2/2-2 pull down provides error free interpolation for moving video, resulting in a smooth image with greater detail.
    • Built-in wall color correction presets provide for adaptive color tone correction to display properly on non-white surface
  • multimedia-projector

    Ricoh ipsio PJX-3240N

    Ricoh ipsio PJX-3240N 3000 Lumens XGA with New lamp Made in Japan

    • 3LCD™ Display Technology
    • 3000 ANSI Lumens
    • 1024 x 768 Native Resolution
    • 4:3 Native Aspect Ratio
    • 400:1 Contrast Ratio
    • 1.8Kg Only
    • HDTV Compatible
  • multimedia-projector

    Mitsubishi XD-400

    Mitsubishi XD 400, 2100 Lumens XGA with New lamp

    • DLP™ Display Technology
    • 2100 ANSI Lumens
    • 1024 x 768 Native Resolution
    • 4:3 Native Aspect Ratio
    • 2200:1 Contrast Ratio
    • 5,000hrs Long Lamp Life